About Us

Our furniture grade cabinetry defines its presence with a superior appearance. At the heart of our look is our unsurpassed finish. Our unsurpassed finish collection creates an affordable luxury – more than cabinets – the ultimate statement piece in the home. The ability to choose from finish and style with a personality as vibrant and sophisticated as your own sets our cabinets apart. Combined with our enhanced cabinet construction and curated options, you can create an heirloom quality kitchen that delights the senses and warms the home.
Exquisite. Luxurious. Radiant. In many ways…Timeless.

Since 1981

Since our founding in 1981, R.D. Henry & Co. has been focused on delivering high-quality, beautiful cabinetry that enhances the heart and soul of our customers’ homes. The company was originally founded by Ron and Dan Henry in Wichita, Kansas as Custom Cupboards, and in the first year of business 16 kitchens were sold, with oak as the sole wood species offering and two different door styles available.

As sales grew during the 1980s, so did the company – in selection, staff and square footage. Seven years after our founding the company reached one million dollars in sales and had 20 full-time employees. One year later Custom Cupboards officially became incorporated.

Custom Cupboards continued to thrive and reached several milestones by the mid-nineties. By 1994 the company had over 100 employees, a purchase of land on South Norman that became the permanent base of operations we still utilize today, over five million dollars in sales and the prestige of being named by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

The first decade of the new millennium saw Custom Cupboards continue to grow and expand their offerings. By 2008 104 door styles were available on ten different wood species. Consumers had a selection of 16 standard stains, 19 standard paints and over 80 premium finishes to choose from to create a uniquely tailored look for their home. They also had a new choice in cabinet construction with the launch of Revola, our frameless box cabinet line.

2010-2020 saw several new additional options in our current lines, with a continued expansion of finish options, a custom match paint program that’s second to none in the industry, and Facets – a proprietary process that allows for digitally printed designs. These years also saw several major changes. The first was the renaming of the company in 2016 to R.D. Henry & Company, to honor founders Ron and Dan Henry. Two years later we launched Evoke, a line that continues to evolve and expand with the express intent of providing high-quality, beautiful cabinetry in a designer-friendly ordering format.

R.D. Henry & Co. is still family-owned today. In 2021 Superior Cabinets, a leading manufacturer and supplier of kitchen cabinets in Western Canada owned by the Buller Family of Winnipeg, Manitoba, completed the purchase of R.D. Henry & Co.  The Buller family has an established history in the cabinet industry, having been previously associated with Kitchen Craft, Norcraft Companies, Omega Cabinetry, StarMark Cabinetry, UltraCraft Cabinetry and Mid Continent Cabinetry. R.D. Henry & Co. will continue to operate as a separate entity as a subsidiary of Superior, but with the mutual goal of continued growth and expansion over the coming years.

In the fortieth year since our founding many things have changed, but the most important things have not. We continue to be family-owned and family-oriented. And we continue to prioritize providing best-in-industry customer experience, outstanding design solutions and the finest product portfolio to provide customers with beautiful cabinets for their home.