Frameless Cabinetry  |  The perfect balance between of style and function

Revola Cabinet Construction

An European style cabinet construction type, or a box without a frame on the front of the cabinet.  The doors and drawers are hinged to the walls of the box, which allows for maximum accessibility to the interior of the cabinet that is built 3/4″ thick and can be ordered in plywood or furniture board.  An additional feature of the base cabinet is the 4″ wide runners on the top and bottom of the drawer opening for maximum strength and stability. The drawers are made of pre-finished 3/4″ thick Beech solid wood material with Tandem Blumotion guides, a zinc-coated, full extension undermount guide that is smooth and silent and soft-closes when the drawer is two inches from the box.

1.  4″ wide stretchers.  2. Solid wood dovetail drawer box on Blumotion undermount guides.  3. Polyurethane coated natural maple print interior surfaces. white is also offered.  4. 2/3 depth adjustable base shelf.  5. Wood veneer edge tape.  6. Hand-rails for easy installation.  7. 3/4″ plywood or furniture-board construction.  8. 1/4″ MDF, fully captured back. Plywood material on plywood options.  9. More dowels used in base deck for strength.    

1. More dowels used in wall bottoms and tops for added stability.  2. 3/4″ plywood or furniture-board thick cabinet.  3. 10 3/8″ deep by 3/4″ thick adjustable shelves.  4. Polyurethane coated natural maple print interior surfaces. 5. More dowels used in wall bottoms and tops for added stability. 6. 1/4″ MDF, fully captured back. Plywood material on plywood options.  7. Wood veneer edge tape.  8. Polyurethane coated natural maple print on flush exterior top and bottom.

Frameless (Full-Access) Overlay

Horizontal revels are 3/16″, vertical reveals are 3/32″ and the gap between the door is 1/8″.  

Door styles for every taste

From classic to modern, and simple to ornate, we offer a wide range of options. Our door styles are divided into series like slabs, flat panels, beadboard, raised panels, mitered doors, applied molding and more. Explore our door styles and then move on to our finishes, where we have plenty of options too.    


We offer a wide range of finishes, from standard stains and paints to more complex packaged finishes that are perfect for  stand-alone statement pieces or a more sophisticated overall look. From light to dark and soft to bold, we’ve got you covered. Explore our finish options and if for some reason you don’t happen to find the color you want, we can match it for you with our Custom Paint Match program.

Making your life just a little easier.

When it comes to accessories, we’ve got the latest space-saving solutions and embellishments to complement not only the beautiful look of your new kitchen, but also the functionality and performance of your new cabinetry.


Do the limitless options of finishes and styles of our furniture grade cabinetry appeal to you? Let us know how to reach you and we’ll email you a link to download a cabinet line brochure.

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