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There are two basic files that can be used for Facets.  They are Pixel based files and Vector based files.  Depending on the image and the desired effect, the appropriate file ensures the best possible quality and result.Pixel based files are mainly used for photographs and/or images of artwork. Vector based files are usually used for patterns or repeatable shapes.  Vector based files are resolution independent.

File types
The most common PIXEL based files that can be used for Facets include JPG, TIFF and PSD (Adobe Photoshop).The VECTOR based file types include EPS, PDF and AI (Adobe Illustrator) (Patterns can be resized without loss of quality.)

File resolution and sizes

Without getting too technical, the bigger the resolution the better your Facets project will look.   The optimum resolution for pixel based images is 150dpi at 100% of the final printed size but it can be as low as 72dpi at 100%.  Vector based files are resolution independent and can be resized without image quality being affected.

Review of files

We will review all user-supplied images to ensure they will reproduce according to the specific application.  You will be advised if the image doesn’t meet the required standards. 


Copyright Laws

We abide by all copyright laws and cannot use images without proof of release (or receipt if purchased from a stock image website) for user-supplied images.  We cannot produce merchandise bearing the trademarks of collegiate institutions, professional sports teams, brand names, logos, slogans, celebrity images and other copyrighted or licensed images.  


Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of an image is the relationship between the width and height.  Based on the Facets application you will need to ensure the aspect ratio of any user-supplied images fit the desired application.
The example below illustrates the aspect ratio and quality for images to be used on a base 24 cabinet.