Team Lead

Team Lead
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Team Lead

Job Duties:

  • Produce the parts and center panel for all rework, sand product as needed.
  • Oversee team members in the work process and daily production schedule.
  • Check the quality of the materials to ensure specifications have been met.
  • Study specifications on blueprints and sketches to prepare project layout and determine dimensions and materials required.
  • Shape or cut materials to specified measurements, using hand tools, machines, or power saws.
  • Measure and mark cutting lines on materials using a ruler, pencil, chalk and/or marking gauge.
  • Verify trueness of structure.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills required.
  • Knowledge of materials, methods and the tools involved in the assembly of doors.
  • Knowledge of production processes, quality control and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture and distribution of goods.
  • Knowledge of relevant equipment, procedures and strategies to promote effective, secure operations.

Job Qualifications and Education

  • Previous experience as a Supervisor or Team Leader preferably in a manufacturing environment.
  • Demonstrated skills in organization, planning, prioritization and time management.
  • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and complete on a timely basis.
  • Competent computer skills.
  • Able to utilize the tools of the trade, i.e., tape measure, case hand shapers and hand sanders.

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions

Able to walk up stairs. Ability to stand for long periods of time Ability to work flexible schedule, including some evenings and weekends. Employee is subject to outside environmental conditions occasionally; inside conditions frequently, with protection from weather conditions but not necessarily from temperature change.

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