Oak & Knotty Oak


Red oak is a straight-grained hardwood with a coarse texture and a pinkish-red hue. The texture of the wood varies according to the rate of growth

Knotty Oak

same as oak PLUS knots and mineral streaks are allowed throughout the cabinetry. Short weather checks or cracks are permitted close to knots. Plywood may be free of these natural characteristics.

Oak & Knotty Oak Finishes

oak_1-2Fruitwood.jpg oak_CoffeeWB.jpg oak_Fruitwood.jpg oak_GoldenOak.jpg oak_Natural.jpg
1/2 Fruitwood
Coffee WB
Fruitwood Golden Oak
oak_Nutmeg.jpg oak_Pecan.jpg oak_Rhubarb.jpg

Nutmeg Pecan Rhubarb