Cherry & Rustic Cherry


A durable, moderately strong hardwood with reddish-brown hue, straight grain, & fine texture. Cherry may have brown flecks, gum pockets, and pin holes. Cherry darkens with age and exposure to light. Due to this cherry color samples are only valid for one year.

Rustic Cherry

Same as cherry PLUS can include all of nature’s characteristics including sapwood, knots, and mineral streaks.

Cherry Finishes

cherry_1_2cherryMahogany.jpg cherry_1_2Fruitwood.jpg cherry_1_2pecan.jpg cherry_carrington.jpg cherry_cherryMahogany.jpg
1/2 Cherry Mahogany
1/2 Fruitwood 1/2 Pecan
Carrington Cherry Mahogany
cherry_chestnut.jpg cherry_coffeeWB.jpg cherry_cognac.jpg cherry_englishManor.jpg cherry_fireside.jpg
Chestnut Coffee WB Cognac English Manor Fireside
cherry_ginger.jpg cherry_molasses.jpg cherry_natural.jpg cherry_pecan.jpg cherry_primo.jpg
Ginger Molasses Natural Pecan Primo
cherry_rhubarb.jpg cherry_warmCherry.jpg    
 Rhubarb   Warm Cherry